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Sedation Dentistry

dental sedation

The fear or pain - this is perhaps the most prevalent distress that patients have when they think about visiting their dentists. In fact, some people avoid going to their dentists due to anxiety. However, this can be harmful to the oral health as infections can lead to more severe pain and tooth loss. That said, it is quite normal if you are one of those who feel reluctant about visiting The Schiff & Moniz Dental Group for oral issues. 

Fortunately, sedation dentistry helps to keep you calm and comfortable during dental procedures. Our dentists, Doctors Jill Moniz, Lawrence Schiff, Reza Hakim Shoushtari, Jill Zurek, and Richard Titlebaum, are certified professionals that can provide sedation during procedures.

Sedation dentistry consists of several types, and the type that will be recommended to a patient will be according to their anxiety level and other factors. The common types of sedation dentistry include:

Nitrous oxide

For this sedation, you will inhale nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) through a nosepiece. Within a few minutes, you will feel relaxed during the procedure.

After the procedure is done, pure oxygen is incorporated to get the nitrous oxide out of your body. With this type of sedation, you can recover quickly and even drive yourself home safely after the treatment.

Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a pill about an hour before your procedure. During the procedure, you may feel drowsy or fall asleep.

Since this type of sedation can affect your memory and motor skills, you will need a family member or a friend to drive you home after your treatment.

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